Reclamation System

Reclamation System

Providing all system components with leading treatment and purification technologies for both waste treatment and water purification.  Building all on one platform, WEL’s systems and solutions handle wastewater from start to finish.

Cleaning and Recycling

Cleaning and Recycling

Capable of segregating, cleaning and recycling water, solids, and many other elements. Our systems are entirely scalable and verified to function at the highest efficiency and quality.

Natural Resources

Markets & Sustainability

Natural Resource & Energy Management for a broad array of industries: Municipal, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Third World, Disaster Relief & Environmental.

What We Do

Industrial surcharge too high?

Water bill overwhelming your budget?

Sewerage bill stinking up your spreadsheet?

We solve those problems.

No limitation on VOLUME!

WEL Solutions

The Magic Touch
We literally re-invented water. WEL Solutions transforms wastewater into drinkable, usable water. This changes everything.

Benchmark Site Analysis – Software & Lead Engineers

  • Our lead engineers and software acquire the most complete and accurate data available to map amount and cost of resource utilization
  • Visual presentation of benchmarks provides process map and costs

Wastewater Reclamation Systems Handling

  • Uniquely designed to remove waste and solids from sites / processes
  • Solid treatment and element separation for reclamation also available
  • Treatment for disposal of waste both solids and liquids approved by and meeting EPA & city limits
  • Closed loop system on a single platform
  • Scalable, capable of any volume and flow stream
  • Components all interface & automate with existing equipment
  • Safety structure built to prevent interrupts throughout operations & monitor streams in real time

Planning Software for Resource & Utility Optimization

  • Software program designed by WEL engineers, customized for any site, providing long-term support & optimization
  • Interfaced with systems and sensors for real time data and monitoring
  • Provides a simulation of equipment function and process outcomes prior to physical build

Team Bios

Katrina Eckard

Katrina Eckard

WEL CEO & Environmental Engineer

Ms. Eckard has had years of global research and concentration on specific fields of expertise, which have allowed her to develop a transcendent strategy for success.

Encompassing unique innovation and intellectual property behind a selectively built team, this strategy presents Ms. Eckard as a leader in which she holds the key to cost effective, high quality, and tangible solutions for clients and industries in all of the following areas:

  • Natural Resource & Energy Management in a Wide Array of Industries
  • Water Management, Reclamation, Treatment, & Consumption
  • Industrial Waste Management, Disposal &/or Treatment
  • Optimization and Long-Term Support (for all the above listed)

Katrina’s specific fields of expertise include International Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Hydraulics, Software, & Environmental Engineering.

Katrina Eckard

Beau Loker

WEL Sales Director

As an industrial leader in both experience and knowledge across manufacturing, Beau Loker is a sales professional and an entrepreneurial thinker dedicated to the highest level of service.

With an industry-wide career spanning over 25 years, success prevails as a result of Beau’s ongoing work and efforts in which he develops the strong sales teams, all driven to build trust and the highest level of value in their delivery. He sustains longevity and a rapidly growing Customer base in his communication’s ability to address the true needs with ongoing performance that never ceases for any customers solution. Beau has created and executed sales teams in which sales surpassed a 200% increase for an employer over 3 years with other cases presenting over 150% sales increases, roughly in the same period. Personally, his own performance has been responsible for the constant rise in sales provided to his Customers, such as a large case taking the company from $9.3MM to $22.4 million over a four-year period and further provided a rate of growth that equated to well above $26 million over the next two year period.

Katrina Eckard

Larry Harte


Larry Harte graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1990 with a degree in Civil Engineering. For the next 12 years, he worked for three companies ranging from engineering to sales and marketing and then banking. At age 26 he became president of one of those companies leading a significant expansion. A few years later he was involved with his first of several mergers.

After being elected to the city council in 2002, Larry was mayor for eight years until he was term-limited. He continued to work in the community as the CEO of the chamber of commerce and to lead economic development efforts for the city. Noteworthy projects included new land use and redevelopment, decommissioning a wastewater treatment plant, integrating fire departments, creating a city center, and building a rugby stadium. These experiences helped place him into a variety of consulting roles – most recently as the COO of a construction company. He is well known for his collaborative leadership style and his results-oriented approach to solving problems.

Larry served on the Boards of the YMCA, Livewell Colorado, the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon, the Four Mile Historic Park, and the Better Business Bureau, as well as the Symmes Township Finance Committee.

Architecture, music, health, soccer, and bike riding are among his interests. Larry and his wife Heather met in seventh grade. They have two children, both in middle school.

LinkedIn profile:

Katrina Eckard

Phil Wiseman

Chief Technical Marketing Officer

He earned a B.S. in Chemical Physics from Centre College and has decades of experience in Industrial Waste Water Treatment as the former owner of Chemical Treatment Solutions. Actively involved in quality as the Past Chair of ASQ Cincinnati and is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Management.

Professional certifications in Water Treatment include:

Treatment of Metal Waste Streams – California State University

Water Treatment Plant Operations- California State University

Professional certifications in Marketing include:

Google Tag Manager- Google

Google Analytics- Google

Advanced Google Analytics- Google

Google Analytics for Power Users- Google

Social Media Marketing- Hootsuite

Inbound Certified- HubSpot

Content Marketing- HubSpot

Contextual Marketing- HubSpot

Growth Driven Design- HubSpot

Email Marketing- HubSpot

HubSpot Marketing Software- HubSpot

HubSpot Agency Partner- HubSpot

He is also the Founder of Analytics That Profit.

Connect with Phil on LinkedIn.

Follow him on Twitter.

Paul Eckard

Tom Lunney

WEL Ambassador, Third World & Disaster Relief

Tom Lunney has a very long and distinguished career as a mentor and teacher of many disciplines for many years.

Tom’s first successful career was as a fighter pilot for the US Air Force. Tom (Lt Col Retired) flew the A-7D, A-10A, and O-2A aircraft all over the then free world flying for over 3000+ hours of flying time. His main accomplishment was as an instructor to many pilots over the years honing their fighting skills to a razor-sharp edge in utilizing their aircraft for its intended purpose.

Upon retirement, Tom was recruited to then create an application that would track all Department of Defense (DoD) movements of personal, transportation assets, and cargo for the entire DoD. Such an audacious project had never been attempted before. This was accomplished when his company introduced using the then-new internet, a new technology that was not being utilized by very many application builders at that time.

Tom then began a career in financial investments and sales at which he excelled helping many families insure successful investing and retirements. It was during that time Tom was recruited into working as a business counselor for the Service Core Of Retired Executives (SCORE). His experience at as business counselor lead him to create his own business consulting and mentoring firm – American Small Business Centers, LLC.  (ASBC)

Through ASBC Tom has mentored, built, counseled, and worked with hundreds of successful businesses. In his book “Ladies You Can Do This!” Tom details out the steps and considerations a person needs to think about if they are contemplating starting their own business. About 95% of Tom’s clients have been women who want to turn their passions into profits and start their own business.

Tom has also been very active in volunteering his talents for local boards of nonprofit organizations. He has built shelters for abused women and children, revamped sanctuaries for run away and thrown away teens, and built adult day care centers. Currently, Tom is working to bring clean water to villages in Nakuru, Kenya, and to buy additional milling machinery for a flour grinding business also in Nakuru, Kenya.

Tom currently resides in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with his wife Nancy and Shih Zhu dog Casey.

Douglas Lafever

Rahul Bawa

WEL Chairman

As a proven and decorated leader with 28 years of strategic business experience under his belt, Rahul Bawa has acquired experience in consulting to specifically develop water and clean technology companies.  Mr. Bawa has joined forces with the WEL Enterprise team, and applies that same knowledge and know-how in helping push WEL to the forefront of water purification, reclamation, and waste treatment.   

Investor…Consultant…Mentor….and now seated as the Executive Chairman of WEL, Mr. Bawa thrives on supporting and effectively “seeing through” opportunities, improving overall business results, and thus creating the necessary platform to establish a company for the highest level of success.  Whether he’s holding various Chairman of the Board roles for non-profit groups such as Pipeline H20 (a global clean tech accelerator) and the Hamilton Mil (a regional hub supporting small businesses) or holding Executive Management roles with a number of prominent companies throughout the region, he applies that same level of expertise and game changing determination alongside WEL Enterprise.  Furthermore, as WEL continues to develop and revolutionize their new technologies, being an industry first in wastewater reclamation Mr. Bawa provides ongoing support to the company that has built his position into one of WEL’s most valuable assets.


Our Partners

Dayton Water Systems
Dayton Water SystemsEquipment & Components Fabricator

R.D. Baker founded Dayton Water Systems in 1939, based out of Dayton, Ohio, providing sales and services of residential water softeners. Mr. Baker is credited for the design and patent of the 5-cycle water softener valve, which is still used today. He became an extraordinary leader in the water treatment industry and received the Water Quality Association’s Hall of Fame Award in 1977.

Dayton Water Systems continues to provide and manufacture water treatment equipment as a leader in this field for all scales of use. Dayton Water Systems and their team of specialized engineers are assisting WEL in providing necessary components to our custom designs and platforms for wastewater segregation, treatment and reclamation. Together we are able to accommodate these uniquely engineered designs in facilities at any scalable size across a broad spectrum of industries.

TLC Products
TLC ProductsTreatment Technologies

Located in Cleveland, OH, TLC Products was established in 1996 and manufactures environmentally beneficial, completely non-toxic bacteria products. They market themselves throughout the USA and around the world with the strongest testimonial base in the industry.

Given the success and technological edge behind their bacterial and chemical products, TLC provides a necessary component to WEL’s solutions. In uniting our expertise, we develop the strategies needed to implement the most effective handling of solid waste on WEL’s platform.

QMS Quantum Manufactured Systems
QMS Quantum Manufactured SystemsCommercial & Industrial Water Treatment

QMS is the first company to offer a complete line of environmentally friendly products that actually solve fluid treatment problems rather than simply treating them. Continuous research and development since 1996, while manufacturing and installing thousands of treatment units, has allowed us to achieve this success. QMS endeavors to design, manufacture, and implement the highest-quality fluid treatment solutions. The object of our fluid treatment innovation is to yield solutions that reduce costs, reduce water consumption, conserve energy, increase safety, and improve the environment. We offer sensible economic, and environmentally prudent solutions.

QMS represents the culmination of 18 years of research, development, installations and field-testing of fluid treatment devices for hard water scale, bacteria control corrosion monitoring corrosion control and filtration. Research has yielded a diversified line of fluid treatment products that solve complex, pervasive problems. The resulting products are not only useful and desirable, but also economically indispensable, and environmentally imperative..

SIM Technologies Corporation
SIM Technologies CorporationTechnology Platform for Resource & Utility Optimization

SIM Technologies Corporation (STC) is an independent, professional engineering services firm, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. STC specializes in solving production and logistics bottlenecks in the areas of traffic congestion optimization, scheduling, resource utilization, capacity constraints, inventory management, & process optimization. STC is recognized as a key factor in significantly reducing their customers’ capital and operating costs. Clients include Toyota, Ford, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Alcoa, Siemens Power Generation, Caterpillar, and many others.

Their career spans the last 30 years and now with WEL has engineered an entirely new software program for natural resource, water, and energy management & optimization in facilities.

QWEL 360 TMWater Treatment for Cooling Towers
Putting an end to cooling tower Legionella and water waste with non-toxic products and methods.
The QWEL 360 employs a 2 phase system to eradicate Legionella, curb scale and keep the tower basin clean through side stream filtration, then, to remove total dissolved solids and increase the cycles of concentration to conserve bleed water.


Katrina Eckard

CEO & Environmental Engineer